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Air Speed
The awesome sounds of air racing from our Reno on Record series; 1983 to the present.
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A 50 square mile patch of desert sagebrush, a few miles north of Reno, Nevada, is the setting for the National Championship Air Races, held every September since 1963. The "fastest motor sport on the planet," to those in the know, features the howls of the speedy Formula 1s, the deafening roar of the T-6s, and the thunder of the hot-rodded WWII fighters of the Unlimited Class. There are racing jets too!

This 2 CD set is two and a half hours of the breathtaking sounds of air racing, to rip up your living room and alienate your neighbors as they pass in front of your nose and out of your speakers. It features the best tracks culled from our previously released CDs "Reno on Record 1, 2 and 3," which have been out of production for many years.

AirCraft Records has made the annual trek to Reno since 1983, so we've got 22 years of incredible sounds for you to experience.

  • Hear practice runs and qualifying sessions recorded out at the pylons
  • Engine starts & take-offs, pilot to Race Control radio communication including maydays
  • You’ll thrill to Formula 1, T-6, Biplane, Jet and Unlimited Gold races, including an Unlimited Gold Race with veteran race announcer Sandy Sanders calling the action.
  • You’ll hear informative interviews too, with Gold winning race pilots and behind the scene folks

NEW: From the 2004 season we’ve recorded Sunday’s Bronze Unlimited race from the ramp with the awesome twin-engine F7F Tigercat in the thick of it. From the "Valley of Speed" in the rain and snow of 2004 you’ll hear Sunday’s Jet Gold race. They’re right on top of us!
For any fan of air racing, motorsports, and aviation, Air Speed delivers the thrills and chills you won't hear anywhere else. You’re gonna love it!

Disc One
From Reno on Record 1, The Unlimited Edition

Disc Two
From Reno On Record 3, With No Talking

1. Introduction Fly-By   1. Tuesday on the Ramp
2. Bob Love Interview   2. Formula 1 Rac
3. Pylon Four Practice   3. Bronze Unlimited Take Off
4. Jack Hovey Interview   4. Bronze Unlimited Race
5. Pylon Six Qualifying   5. T-6 Take Off
6. Dwight Thorn Interview   6. T-6 Race
7. Plyon Four Qualifying   7. F-18
8. Start-up for "The Gold"   8. Gold Unlimited Take Off
9. At the End of the Runway   9. Gold Unlimited Race
10. John Crocker Interview      
11. Race Start   New Stuff
12. Pylon Judge Interview   10. Jet Gold Race, 2004
13. Race Resumes   11. Bronze Unlimited Race, 2004
From Reno On Record 2      
14. Maydays with Bob Hoover      
15. Ray Cote Interview      
16. Eddie Van Fossen Interview      
17. Lyle Shelton Interview      
18. Unlimited Gold Race, Sandy Sanders Announcing      

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