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Sounds of Ghosts
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Aviation Sounds in World War One
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Sample of Sounds of Ghosts:

Take a journey back in time and listen to authentic aviation sounds, circa World War 1, from The Aeroplane Collection’s impressive stable of aircraft. Have you ever heard the throaty growl of a Fokker D.Vll? Did you know that the whole outside of a Le Rhone rotary engine, cylinders and all, spins in the air with the propeller? Engine starts, takeoffs, flybys and landings are painstakingly recorded in near perfect conditions. The engines in these planes are all authentic to the era and the aircraft were the most advanced of their time. You’ll hear the Hispano Suiza V 8 powered S.E.5a, the 80 Le Rhone powered Fokker D.Vl, the 100 Gnome powered Fokker E.lll Eindecker, the 180 Mercedes powered Fokker D.Vll, and finally the mighty 160 Gnome rotary powered Fokker D.Vlll.

On disc two of this 2 CD set you’ll hear our Fokker D.Vll aerodrome with a gaggle of D.Vlls. Then, we've created an S.E.5a versus D.Vlll dogfight, portraying what WWl air battles might have sounded like. We’ve also got three fascinating and informative interviews, with Javier Arango, Chuck Wentworth and Wayne Handley vividly describing what it takes to research, build, maintain and fly these warbirds from another time.

Disc One   Disc Two
1. Fokker E.lll Eindecker   1. Fokker D.Vll Aerodrome
2. Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a   2. S.E.5a versus Fokker D.Vlll Dogfight
3. Fokker D.Vl   3. Javier Arango Interview
4. Fokker D.Vll   4. Chuck Wentworth Interview
5. Fokker D.Vlll   5. Wayne Handley Interview

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