Airplane Sound Effects
Airplane Sounds
The Roar of the Grumman Cats
(2 CD Set in color slipcase)
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Sample an F7F Tigercat Pass:
On this CD set Aircraft Records brings you the thrilling sounds of four carrier based Navy and Marine Corps fighter aircraft designed by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation during the WW2 era.  They are the FM-2 Wildcat, the F6F Hellcat, the F7F Tigercat and the F8F Bearcat.  You’ll hear every sound these magnificent beasts make, including engine starts, taxiing, take-offs and landings as well as blistering high speed passes and aerobatics. All the Grumman Cats were designed for wartime combat with variants of the Mitsubishi Zero and other Japanese fighter aircraft.  You’ll hear the sounds of the Zero, and you’ll hear racing cats powering around the Unlimited Course at Reno.  We took a trip to Florida and recorded a wonderful and informative conversation with the legendary Corky Meyer, the man who test flew all of the Grumman Cats of WW2.

So turn up the stereo, close your eyes and imagine that you’re on the ramp at the Grumman factory listening to Corky Meyer overhead putting Grumman’s Cats to the test.

Disc One   Disc Two
1. Wildcat: Engine Start Taxi Run-up      1. Mitsubishi Zero: Engine Start, Flight
2. Wildcat: Takeoff Flight Landing     2. Saturday Bronze Heat at Reno, 2007: F8F, F7F, Herd of Mustangs
3. Wildcat: Taxi-back Shut-down      3. Sunday Bronze Race at Reno, 2007: F8F-1, FM-2
4. Hellcat: Engine Start Taxi Run-up     4. Sunday Gold Race at Reno, 2007: “Rare Bear”
5. Hellcat: Takeoff  Flight Landing     5. Corky Meyer Interview
6. Hellcat: Taxi-back Shut-down         
7. Tigercat: Engine Start Taxi Run-up Takeoff       
8. Tigercat: Flight Landing         
9. Tigercat: Taxi-back Shut-down         
10. Bearcat: Engine Start Taxi Run-up        
11. Bearcat: Takeoff Flight Landing        
12. Bearcat: Taxi-back Shut-down            

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