Round Sounds Vol. 1

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If you get chills when you hear a Navy Corsair at an air show or you find yourself listening dreamily as a Stearman biplane flies over, you'll love the sounds on this CD. We've got a great collection of radial engine aircraft assembled here, with a tremendous variety of awesome sounds. 

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You'll hear engine-starts, take-offs and lots of aerobatics. You'll experience everything from qualifying laps recorded at the Reno Air Races to a WW2 B-25 base in England. We've got in-cockpit recordings too. Be sure and check out Round Sounds Volume 2 for even more radial-engine aircraft featuring the "big iron" multi engine heavy bombers and classic "prop-liners"!




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1. Stearman Biplane, In-Cockpit
2. Ryan PT-22s
3. Beechcraft C-18 Aerobatics
4. At-6a Reno Qualifying
5. At-6b Aerobatics
6. Lockheed Electra In-Cockpit
7. F4Ua Corsair Start-up
8. F4Ub Corsair Aerobatics
9. Unlimited Gold Race at Reno with lots of big radials
10. B-25 Mitchell Base
11. Reno Unltd. Class Racer "Rare Bear" Qualifying Lap

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Our philosophy is simply to bring the most realistic sound experience available to the listener with current technology. We've been recording digitally since 1983. This eliminates all tape hiss and makes the background nice and quiet. We've taken great pains to develop a microphone recording system that captures the planes realistically. Additionally you'll rarely hear wind noise, background talking or other extraneous noises on our recordings.