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Our Story


The idea for AirCraft Records began on my birthday in 1982. I had just turned 40 and realized that I had always wanted to go for a ride in a P-51 Mustang. I asked around and ended up at Korean War Ace, Bob Love's hanger. Inside was a beautiful P-51. It was love at first sight and I arranged for a ride in the back seat with Bob. At the time I was in the music recording business and decided to capture the event on tape. The rest is history. My wife Colette and I run the business. I record the planes and Colette handles all retail and wholesale accounts.  Our philosophy is simply to bring the most realistic sound experience available to the listener with current technology. We've been recording digitally since 1983. This eliminates all tape hiss and makes the background nice and quiet. We've taken great pains to develop a microphone recording system that captures the planes realistically. Additionally you'll rarely hear wind noise, background talking or other extraneous noises on our recordings.


"Our objective is to bring the sounds of these magnificent aircraft right into your living room with nothing to distract or corrupt the free run of your imagination."

John and Colette Altmann