Checkflight Zero

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This is not a replica. It's the real thing: a Nakajima Sakae 21 powered Mitsubishi Zero, the only one flying in the world. As usual you'll be in the cockpit of this formidable WW2 Japanese fighter.

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Steve Hinton of the Air Museum Planes of Fame in Chino CA, flies the Zero through it's paces including many combat maneuvers. You'll hear start-ups, run-ups, take-offs, and landings from inside and outside the cockpit. In our adversary section you'll hear engine-starts and in-flight sounds of many of the allied aircraft that did battle with the Zero including the Grumman Wildcat, the F4U Corsair, the Lockheed P-38, the P-40 Warhawk and the P-51 Mustang. 



Checkflight Zero CD Booklet Art


1.  Zero Engine Start-up   8.  P-38 Engine Start
2.  Zero Start-up and Run-up   9.  P-38 In-Flight
3.  Zero In-Flight   10.  F4U Corsair Engine Start
4.  P-40 Engine Start   11.  F4U Corsair In-Flight
5.  P-40 In-Flight   12,  Many Mustangs
6.  FM-2 WildcatEngine Start 13.   Zero Flight In-Cockpit
7.  FM-2 Wildcat In-Flight 14.   Steve Hinton Conversation

Our philosophy is simply to bring the most realistic sound experience available to the listener with current technology. We've been recording digitally since 1983. This eliminates all tape hiss and makes the background nice and quiet. We've taken great pains to develop a microphone recording system that captures the planes realistically. Additionally you'll rarely hear wind noise, background talking or other extraneous noises on our recordings.