Checkflight P-51

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If you love the sounds of warbirds and the P-51 Mustang in particular, then CheckFlight P-51 is for you. Aircraft Records puts you in the cockpit of Bob Love's P-51. Open up the throttle of your stereo and you'll be flying in one of these legendary warbirds yourself.

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From the ground you'll hear gorgeous P-51 aerobatics! You'll feel the earth shake from the sounds of a WW2 Mustang fighter base with engine starts, taxiing, take-offs, formation fly-overs and landings. The sounds of racing Mustangs and their competition at Reno will blow your mind, and if you don't watch out, your speakers. Finally, Bob Love explains how all the controls work in the Cockpit Checkout section.



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1. Merlin Music
2. In-Cockpit Flight (including engine start, taxiing, run-up, take-off and landing)
3. P-51 Aerobatics
4. Mustang Base (including many engine starts, "brace take-offs", formation fly-overs and landings)
5. Mustangs at Reno (air racing at it's best) 
6. Cockpit Checkout (Korean War Ace Bob Love tells you how everything works)


Our philosophy is simply to bring the most realistic sound experience available to the listener with current technology. We've been recording digitally since 1983. This eliminates all tape hiss and makes the background nice and quiet. We've taken great pains to develop a microphone recording system that captures the planes realistically. Additionally you'll rarely hear wind noise, background talking or other extraneous noises on our recordings.